Why is the offset getting added automatically once the EcoCart widget is integrated?

This issue usually affects the merchants which have:

  1. The EcoCart widget added to the checkout flow. 
  2. Payor mode is set to be in the pre-checked mode.

To learn more about the Payor Modes please refer to this link. 

The issue usually happens due to the EcoCart script loading before the customer reaches the checkout step of the purchase flow. As a result, while there is no EcoCart widget added visually, the EcoCart SKU is added to the cart.

While the customers can uncheck the widget at the checkout step if they wish to not make their order carbon neutral, the merchants can use the following steps to ensure that the EcoCart SKU is not added before the checkout process. 

How to resolve this?

To resolve this you can work with your engineering team to ensure that the EcoCart script is suppressed before the customer enters the checkout process.

Your engineering team can refer to the network tab in the checkout flow to identify which script they need to suppress.

Please note: The suppression is required pre-checkout process only. Suppressing the script in the checkout process will not show the EcoCart widget.

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