Why Does EcoCart require fulfillment?

The EcoCart app might require you to fulfill a “Carbon Neutral Order” product added to the customer’s cart. The product might be added based on the payor mode selected by your store. To learn more about the Payor Modes please refer to this link:

Payment Methods Requiring Fulfillment Management

If the merchant has any of these options selected they would be required to handle the fulfillment of the EcoCart product based on their preference. 

  1. Customer Paying Mode
  2. Customer Matching Hybrid Mode
  3. Merchant Matching Hybrid Mode

Basically, in any of the plans where the EcoCart product is added to the cart, fulfillment handling is required.

For context, the reason the product is added to the cart is due to Shopify’s closed cart system. Due to this the shopper buying from the store can only be charged within their cart. When they opt to make an order carbon neutral, EcoCart adds a “Carbon Neutral Order” product in their cart and increases their cart total. This allows the merchant to collect the donations and us to charge the merchants for the donations collected.

What fulfillment options does EcoCart offer

EcoCart provides two options for our merchants to select from. Depending on the fulfillment infrastructure within your store you can have our support team select either of the options.

Auto-Fulfill the EcoCart Product

If this option is selected then as soon as a carbon neutral order is checked out, the EcoCart Product added to the order will be auto-fulfilled. Please note that this would mean that the order will appear as partially fulfilled now. The flow of fulfillment will be as below:

Please Note: The customers might have to adjust their fulfillment handling process to include the partially fulfilled orders

Do not fulfill the EcoCart Product

If the Auto-Fulfillment option is not checked for the store, the EcoCart “Carbon Neutral Product” is not auto-fulfilled when the carbon neutral order is checked out. Please note that this would mean that the order will appear unfulfilled and the merchant would have to handle the fulfillment of the EcoCart Product as well in addition to their product.

Please Note: The customers will have to adjust their fulfillment handling process to include fulfilling the EcoCart Product.

Where can I check my fulfillment setting

The customers can check their fulfillment settings using the steps below:

  1. Login to their EcoCart Dashboard using the link here: https://app.ecocart.io/
  2. Navigate to the Settings Tab > Auto Fulfillment checkbox

    High res:

  3. If the option is checked then the auto fulfillment is enabled and it is disabled otherwise.

Please Note: To update the fulfillment settings please reach out to support@ecocart.io and our support team will update the settings for you.

Handling Fulfillment with the ERP Systems

Depending on the ERP/WMS system being used for fulfilling orders, the merchants might be required to take the following steps to ensure that their fulfillment with the carbon neutral orders is handled correctly.

Please note that some of these changes might require you to reach out to the support team of the relevant ERP systems to enable and assist you with the updates.

The settings required would be different for either of the fulfillment settings. The details for each of the fulfillment modes are listed below:

EcoCart Auto Fulfillment Disabled

Since the EcoCart product will not be auto-fulfilled in this mode it would be required on the ERP system’s end to handle the product’s fulfillment in addition to the rest of the order. In order for the merchants to ensure that their fulfillment is working well with this mode they would be required to:

  1. Have all the EcoCart’s “Carbon Neutral Order” product variants (100 variants) synced over to the ERP system. 
  2. The variants added would be considered a non-physical product. This can be achieved by setting them up to have similar settings to virtual gift cards which do not require physical fulfillment. 
  3. For some of the ERP systems, the variants would be required to have an SKU name associated with them. You can add them directly within Shopify using this support article.

EcoCart Auto Fulfillment Enabled

In this mode since the EcoCart product is automatically fulfilled, the partially fulfilled order will be required to be handled by the ERP system. However, since the order has an unknown entity added to the order as per the ERP system, it might cause some errors in the fulfillment. To remedy these the merchants can do the following on the ERP end: 

  1. Add the EcoCart product as a non-physical/digital product within the ERP system which would not require fulfillment. This can be achieved by setting them up to have similar settings to virtual gift cards which do not require physical fulfillment. 
  2. Set the ERP system to completely ignore/ blacklist the EcoCart product within the order and process the rest of the order. 

Please Note: Not all of the options/ suggestions would be applicable to all of the ERP systems. Therefore it is recommended to discuss this with our support team and the ERP support team on the optimal solution.

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