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What is the EcoCart Dashboard?

The EcoCart Dashboard is your one-stop for merchants to view their sustainability reporting, EcoCart settings, Billing/Invoices, and much more.

How to access the EcoCart Dashboard:

You can access the EcoCart Dashboard either using either of the approaches below:

  • Using the Shopify Admin:

    1. To do this, log in to your Shopify Admin dashboard. 
    2. Click on Apps > EcoCart
    3. You will be redirected to the EcoCart Dashboard. 

High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/HWGzPrvw28nM

  • Using the Login / Password: 

    1. Head over to https://app.ecocart.io/login

      High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/iqoDcE4bMV
    2. Enter your email address and password. 
    3. You will be redirected to the EcoCart Dashboard. 

Dashboard Modules:

In this section, we will discuss each Dashboard module in detail:

  • Home Page: 

This is the page where you’ll be directed as soon as you log in to the EcoCart Dashboard. Different components of the Dashboard are discussed below: 

  • Total Lifetime Emissions:

    This number represents the total impact your store has had to date. We also allow our customers to showcase these numbers in real-time on your store as an impact counter.

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/Yx05AnLnROJ1

  • Total Emissions over a date range:

    This view shows a graphical breakdown of all emissions Vs emissions that were offset for the last 30 days. This enables you to view the customer adoption pattern to making their orders carbon neutral or climate positive.

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/D2BL0RcFzi

  • Customer Adoption Rate:

    This view shows a side-by-side comparison of the customers’ carbon neutral orders to the total orders. This view enables you to understand the offsetting patterns of the customers and aids you in realizing the retention value EcoCart brings for sustainable customers.

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/022HvsjZM

  • CO2 Capture Graph:

    This view represents a side-by-side graph of the orders that were offset Vs the total amount of orders. This is also an interesting rubric to determine the customer’s interest when they are presented with an opportunity to make their order carbon neutral or climate positive.

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/wqsxwpN4

2. EcoCart Settings

This page allows you to review the current setting of the EcoCart widget on your store. The page assists you in seeing:

  1. Current Payor Mode

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/O81iOdBSjkIN

  2. Calculation Option

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/KPcKLmFIQk

  3. Current Opt Mode

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/rbFNpHIH

  4. Autofulfillment Settings for the EcoCart Product

    High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/cYLXUdmhLA

Important Note: If you wish to change any of the settings please reach out to our support team at support@ecocart.io

3. Billing: 

The billing module deals with everything related to invoicing. To see more details on how EcoCart handles billing please refer to this FAQ:

High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/qVeKzQee

The view allows the merchants to

a. Add and Remove the billing information. 

  1. Review the invoices sent over by EcoCart for offsetting the orders. 

4. Projects:

This view allows the merchants to select the projects to which they’d like to direct their donations. You can view the list of projects EcoCart support here: https://ecocart.io/offsetting-projects/

To know more about the Projects please refer to this link:

High Res: https://www.screencast.com/t/VA234GjHw

Need assistance in making your business sustainable? Please feel free to reach out to us at support@ecocart.io