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What is Onboarding & Why Do I Need To Do It?

Onboarding is the process of introducing the EcoCart product to the merchant. 

This is an important part of our process in order to ensure success and satisfaction with the EcoCart app. The goal is for the merchant to know the ins and outs of the app, what they hope to achieve by using the app and what we can help them accomplish long term. 

How Long Does It Take? 

The target timeline for onboarding and implementation is 21 days. After confirming interest in working with EcoCart, a merchant will work with their Account Executive and Onboarding Specialist to complete the process & go live. 

If you are a merchant going through the self service onboarding process, implementation will be almost instantaneous. After downloading the app you will add your billing info, go through your dashboard and select your settings, then enable the EcoCart widget. 

What Does The Process Look Like? 


  1. Log in to your Shopify merchant account
  2. Click the search bar and enter EcoCart

  1. Click EcoCart > add app > install 

  1. Enter information to create an account

  1. Verify account through email

  1. Create password & log in

  1. Go to the billing tab & add card information (once billing information is added the widget can be turned on). 

  1. Go to the settings tab and review selected options (if changes are needed please email our support team at support@ecocart.io). 

  1. Go to projects tab and select preferred project

  1.  Click the toggle button on the top right corner of the dashboard to enable the widget and push live to your store

Will I Still Have Support Afterwards? 

How will we support you once onboarding is completed and our app has been pushed live to your site? Glad you asked, the support never stops! 

You can find more information regarding self service onboarding here.

If you would like to review options to increase your sustainability efforts or have any additional questions you can reach out to our support team via email at support@ecocart.io. We are available Monday through Friday 5am-5pm PST.