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What is collaborator Access in Shopify?

Collaborator access in Shopify allows store owners to grant certain privileges to other individuals, such as access to specific parts of the store's admin or limited permissions to make changes. Collaborators can be given roles such as Product Manager, Financial Manager, or Marketing Manager, which determine what actions they are able to perform within the store. This feature is useful for store owners who want to delegate tasks to team members or work with freelancers on their Shopify store.

To learn more about collaborator access please refer to this guide from Shopify.

Why do I need to give EcoCart collaborator access?

In the scenarios where the merchant needs:

  1. Impact Counter added to their store. 
  2. Integration of the EcoCart widget in the checkout flow. 
  3. Customization in relation to their EcoCart widget. 
  4. Review the EcoCart’s Product (Carbon Neutral Product)
  5. Review orders to ensure that orders are being fulfilled. 

For the above, we are required to make some adjustments/additions within the store. Therefore collaborator access is required.

Note: Customization in relation to the EcoCart widget is supported in the EcoCart Plus plan. For more details on this please refer to this link.

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