What is a Sustainability Sale?

Sustainability sales, also known as eco-sales or green sales, are events or promotions that focus on promoting and selling environmentally-friendly products. 

In a sustainability sale, retailers and manufacturers showcase their eco-friendly products to consumers and often offer discounts or promotions to encourage people to make more environmentally-conscious purchases.

One of the main goals of a sustainability sale is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and the impact of consumer choices on the environment. By offering eco-friendly options to consumers, retailers and manufacturers hope to encourage more people to switch to environmentally-friendly options and make a positive impact on the planet.

Sustainability sales can be a great opportunity for consumers to support businesses that prioritize sustainability and make a difference in the world. By choosing to purchase eco-friendly products, consumers can play a role in reducing their carbon footprint and supporting a more sustainable future.

EcoCart makes it easier for our merchants to offer carbon neutral products to their consumers and aid them in sustainability sales. Every small action can make a big difference in the fight against climate change and the promotion of sustainability.


Events to look out for

While every day of the year is perfect to offer carbon neutral orders to the merchant, the following events have shown to be the ideal time to leverage sustainability further to increase the environmental impact and consideration for sustainability-conscious buyers.

a. Black Friday/Cyber Monday (Include date range here)

  1. New Year Sales
  2. April’s Earth Month
  3. Back to School Sales
  4. Halloween

Please refer here for a detailed calendar of famous environmental days you can leverage to initiate sustainability sales.

Setting Up the Sustainability Sales

Making the widget Pre-checked efault

One of the best ways to ensure that more customers are making their orders carbon neutral is to set the EcoCart widget to be pre-checked by default. 

EcoCart is implemented as a "pre-checked" option on over 5,000 merchants' websites, which streamlines the checkout process for carbon neutral orders and reduces the time and number of clicks required.

We have conducted extensive testing with small and large stores and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both merchants and shoppers. In fact, after processing over 50 million orders with the pre-checked option, merchants reported higher engagement and shoppers shared that they appreciated seeing the EcoCart option in their carts.

Our data show that this approach increases average engagement rates by approximately 6 times, as it simplifies the educational aspect and creates a sense of collaboration. Customers can still choose to opt-out by turning off the EcoCart toggle.

For assistance in ensuring that your EcoCart widget is set to be pre-checked please reach out to support@ecocart.io

Offering discounts for the Carbon-Neutral Orders

Another way to encourage customers to make their orders carbon-neutral is to offer them discounts on carbon neutral orders. The way this would work is that as soon as the carbon neutral product is added to the cart, a discount code will be applied to the customer’s total at the checkout.

To get more details on how to offer discounts for the carbon neutral order, please refer to the support link here. 

Making all of your orders Carbon-Neutral for an entire month for free

Want to make all of your orders carbon neutral for the entire month for free? EcoCart will be happy to do it for you at no additional cost. All you’d have to do is give us a Shopify Review of how much you’re liking EcoCart and send us a screenshot at support@ecocart.io.

By doing so you’ll be helping us reach more businesses and aiding our journey to make our planet carbon neutral.

Matching Customer’s Donation

What’s better than a carbon neutral order? A climate positive order!

A climate positive order refers to an order which not only offsets the emissions created by it but more CO2 from the environment. This makes an order not just sustainable but inherently good for the environment.

Many of our merchants rely on this option for their sustainability sales where they match the donations if their customers opt to make an order carbon neutral. This not only encourages the customers to take more sustainability routes but also gives them a feeling of “being in this together” as the merchants match the donations maximizing the impact from the offset.

(Add image of the climate positive widget)

This option can also be marketed to the customers to ensure maximum participation and leverage their alignment for a successful Sustainability sale.

Below are a few examples of stores:

(Insert example stores here) 

Adding EcoCart at the checkout flow

One of the most adopted ways to maximize customer conversion during Sustainability sales is to include the EcoCart widget at as many touchpoints as possible.

To empower you on this front, the EcoCart team supports adding the EcoCart widget in the checkout flow for you with no effort required from your end. With this approach many of our merchants were able to double their adoption rates by presenting the option at the checkout, increasing their contribution to the greener initiatives.

Important Note: Please note that your store is required to be on the Shopify Plus plan to be eligible for this implementation. 

Packaging Marketing

It’s always great to let the customers know that their orders are being made carbon neutral by the brand. 

Showcasing the impact


Whenever customers are reviewing the product it’s a great opportunity for sellers to let them know that there is either an option to make an order carbon-neutral or the orders are being made carbon-neutral by the brand.

Not only does this serve as an education point for the customer but also becomes an opportunity to scale the sustainability muscle of the brand even further. Below are a few examples of the PDP EcoCart offers to assist our merchants.

Impact Counter:

Making an order carbon neutral is only the beginning of the life-long journey of sustainability for some of the customers. It's almost pivotal for some of the customers to see the impact they are making by shopping sustainably from the brands. To aid our EcoCart merchants with this, we offer real-time impact counters which show the impact the customers are making by buying from the store.

This gives the brand an opportunity to showcase the numbers to the customers and the customers to feel involved in the war against climate change.

Sustainability Page:

Having a sustainability page on your online store can bring a number of benefits. In addition to educating the customer about your brand and how you’re working to make sure that the products are good for the planet other advantages can be below:

Increased customer trust: By showcasing your commitment to sustainability on your website, you can build trust with customers who care about environmental and social issues.

Improved brand reputation: A sustainability page can help to improve your brand's reputation by demonstrating your company's values and dedication to making a positive impact.

Differentiation from competitors: Many online stores do not have a sustainability page, so having one can help your store stand out from the competition.

Enhanced customer loyalty: Customers who are passionate about sustainability may be more likely to make repeat purchases from a store that aligns with their values.

Potential for increased sales: By highlighting the sustainable aspects of your products, you may be able to attract a new market of consumers who are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products i-e making their orders carbon-neutral 

Overall, a sustainability page can help to attract and retain customers, improve your brand's reputation, and potentially increase sales, while also helping your business to operate more sustainably and efficiently.

To aid our merchants with the sustainability pages, our team provides content packages surrounding EcoCart and the projects being supported by the merchant to fast-pace the process.

Below are a few examples from some of our amazing merchants.

(Add sustainability pages from our big leagues merchants)

Need assistance in making your business sustainable? Please feel free to reach out to us at support@ecocart.io