What is an offsetting project?

An offsetting project is an organization that you have selected to partner with through EcoCart. Offsetting projects support activities that help mitigate and reduce carbon emissions. Once a project has been selected, the donations will go to supporting that program. 

Why is it important that I select one? 

We have plenty of projects to choose from, from all around the world that support many different causes. It is important to select a project that is important to your brand's mission; something that resonates with your customers and makes them want to make an impact! 

Can I change my project? 

Yes! You can change your project at any time through your EcoCart dashboard. Simply login > projects > select new project. It is important to note that changing your project will only be updated for new orders. Donations that were made prior to the change will go to the previously selected project. 

  1. Log in to EcoCart dashboard > select Projects tab

  1. Review list & select new preferred project

  1. Go back to the project select page - new project will be displayed at the top of page under “Current Project”

Can I Select Multiple Projects? 

No, EcoCart will only allow a merchant to select one project at a time. This project can be updated through the dashboard whenever a merchant would like to make a change. 

Can The Customer Select The Project?

At this time we do not allow the customer to select which project they would like to donate to. The project is preselected by the merchant and only changes if updated through the EcoCart dashboard. 

What projects are available? 

Glad you asked! EcoCart has a global network of over 30 offsetting projects to choose from. Find them all listed here.

Need assistance in making your business sustainable? Please feel free to reach out to us at support@ecocart.io