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How to set EcoCart up to flow through properly to your internal systems

EcoCart adds an extra item to your customer's cart that is specific to their order's carbon footprint. This does not apply to merchants who have opted to cover the costs of the offsets themselves.
This unique variant is automatically created each time the EcoCart box is checked (if that particular variant price does not already exist within your Shopify product catalog). By default, we also mark this variant as fulfilled once the order has been created.
Some internal systems (ERP, IMS/OMS, and/or 3PL) don't "play nicely" with EcoCart by default, and require a setting change or two in order for the EcoCart Product to flow through properly. 
A couple things that should help/solve entirely: 
  • Toggling the "Auto-fulfill" option off in your EcoCart settings. When this option is turned on, we automatically fulfill the EcoCart variant once the order goes through. Turning this off may help in some cases where the issue is caused by the order coming in as "partially fulfilled".
  • You can set up a filter in the system to ignore/automatically fulfill variants where the "vendor" for the variant is "EcoCart". 
  • You can define a uniform SKU name for each EcoCart product variant that gets created by our app. You can do this in the Settings section of your EcoCart dashboard and then create a filter to ignore that SKU name.
  • You can try to "blacklist" the EcoCart SKU name or product name within your ERP system. This can also be achieved by filtering for vendor = "EcoCart" or the aforementioned uniform SKU name.
  • If neither of those help, you can choose a flat rate option within your EcoCart settings. This way, only one variant would ever be used (rather than creating a unique variant for carbon neutral each order).