How to integrate Recharge and EcoCart

Setting up the EcoCart <> Recharge integration.

1. First, access the following link but replace the {} with your current Shopify domain. You must be logged in on your Shopify and Recharge accounts for this to work.{}

For the following Shopify store:

It’ll look like this:


2. You will be redirected to the following screen. Now, read the EcoCart installation instructions, and when ready, click Install.



3. The following success message will be displayed:


Creating the EcoCart product inside of Recharge.


1. First access the Recharge application via the Shopify Apps menu:



2. Inside the Recharge dashboard, in the left side menu, select Products. Then click to Add Products.



3. It’ll render a popup for product search; look for EcoCart Product “Carbon Neutral Order” and click“Add 1 Product”.



4. It’ll redirect you to Carbon Neutral subscription configuration screen:



5. Save it; There’s no need to change anything on this screen. 


6. After the confirmation, it’s ready to go. This configuration will allow us to use Carbon Neutral Product as a subscription item for all kinds of subscriptions (Prepaid, Subscription, or OneTime purchase).