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How to Implement Your EcoCart Widget with Checkout Extensibility

This document will provide an overview of how to setup the Shopify extensibility widget for EcoCart in a few simple steps.

Here are the steps required to getting a merchant up and running with our Checkout Extension:
  • Install EcoCart on your Shopify Store and proceed through all the onboarding steps in our portal, including have us fully enabled.
  • To add the extension, go to your Shopify dashboard and click on 'Settings'
  • Next within the Settings page click on 'Checkout'
  • Next on the Checkout page click 'Customize'
  • Click 'Add app block'
  • Select the EcoCart app block. This will be automatically available to you once have have EcoCart installed.
  • EcoCart will appear by default in your Shipping section, but you can also drag the block over to the  'Order Summary' section if you prefer
  • Click 'Save' and they are all set up!
  • For merchants that receive this error when configuring the widget:
  • toggle Widget Visibility on via your EcoCart app:
  • Then add the app block in the extensibility preview mode.
  • Do NOT publish the new checkout in extensibility until launch day. Leave it as a draft. Shopify does not allow for these blocks to be tested unless it is in a live environment. 

Additional Notes / FAQ's

  • The checkout extension is not compatible with our other 'standard' checkout widgets at other locations in the store (sidecart, cart)
  • The checkout extension is not customizable or themeable. This is due to limitations Shopify has placed on their extensibility platform to make it scalable -- all apps here must conform to their component restrictions. It does however automatically inherit their primary color choices for buttons