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How do I Resolve the EcoCart Product Showing up as “Out of Stock”?

A merchant or customer may notice the EcoCart product showing as “out of stock” during the checkout process. Shopify will include an alert that includes the item that is unavailable (screenshot attached for reference). 

To resolve this issue a merchant will need to confirm EcoCart’s product availability within their Shopify backend. Steps listed below: 

  1. Log in to Shopify platform
  2. Select the Products tab > search for EcoCart Carbon Neutral Order > select
  3. Check product status & confirm set to “Active”
  4. Select manage sales channels and apps 
  • Once selected check the online store box
  1. Save all changes

It is important to note that if a merchant is using an inventory management system that controls product availability, the EcoCart product will need to be marked as “in stock” by default. 

If the issue persists please email our support team at support@ecocart.io with the information requested below: 

  • Link to your Shopify store
  • Confirmation that the settings listed above are selected
  • Details on when this issue was first noticed and if there have been any recent changes to your store
  • If using an inventory management system include which one