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EcoCart product is not “shippable” and the entire order won’t go through

There are different reasons why this may happen. It could be that:

  1. “Shipping rate” rules exclude products that don’t have a weight or otherwise exclude “non-physical products” 
  2.  Shipping is controlled by a third-party app (Printful, Oberlo, etc.) - most of the time this is for merchants that drop-ship
    1. If your shipping is controlled by a third-party app, there might be a setting within that app that is preventing EcoCart product from being "shippable." You may be able to control the shipping settings within that app to include the EcoCart "Carbon Neutral Order" product.

      You may be able to categorize the EcoCart product as "shippable" within that app's settings. We recommend reaching out to that app's customer service, given all apps are different.