Can I customize how EcoCart looks in my shop?

Of course! EcoCart is fully customizable, putting in control of the look and feel of the experience so you can properly reflect your brand’s values. This can be done within the Customization Settings tab of your EcoCart Dashboard. 

There, you can choose a design template to start, and click and drag the EcoCart box into your store’s cart.


Once you do that, you can customize any element of the box including the alignment, box length and width, colors, and margins. 


If you or someone from your team are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can change the code of the box in any way you’d like by clicking the “Code it yourself” button, then clicking “No” to using the Default EcoCart box design.


If you’d ever like our help with any aspect of this, all you have to do is reach out to We are a “Shopify Partner” and can even design and configure EcoCart entirely for you.